Thursday, 22 September 2011

Time to give particles a go for carp

Well, just a quick update before a planned fishing trip tomorrow!
Today I was put in the direction of a an outlet that sells particle baits which I will start using a little more often in a few area's of my fishing, many species like to feed on particles as its a fairly natural food source for many types of fish, but for tomorrows planned fishing trip, my target species is going to be Carp!

Now if all go's to plan & the gods of angling (& possibly Richard Walker) are looking upon me kindly & the Carp are willing to feed on my baits & go absolutely mental for my particle mix then it will be a good session so fingers crossed  confidence is high!

The actual particles I bought today consisted of various types of seeds and pulses, known in the carp fraternity as party blend!  I bought two 20kg sacks so that should last me a while.
Particle baits have to be prepared before using them. My personal method for preparing any nuts, seeds, dried particles is to put them in the largest saucepan I can find in the kitchen cupboard, cover them with water & have around an inch of water above the particles, bring them to the boil, simmer on a very low heat for five minutes whilst I go & find my bait bucket, turn off the gas & chuck the whole lot in my bait bucket, leave them to cool.

I find this method makes a lot of the starches & oils in the particles leech out & form a very stodgy, sticky & jelly like substance, once all the particles are nice & cool & give them a really vigorous stir, now is the time that I add some samples of my hook baits to the mix, also any flavours & attractors can be bunged in but personally, it should be left as is!

If you are going to add any flavours or attractors prepare the particles as outlined above then follow up by adding you chosen flavours an/or attractors, put your particles in a bag or a number of bags & put them in the freezer, when the particles are frozen the flavours an/or attractors are drawn into the seeds & any water content, when they defrost a good percentage of your flavours and/or attractors will remain in the particles. I'm no expert as you can probably, blatantly tell!!! but, these are just some of the things I try in my own angling as that's what its all about, trying various methods, baits, techniques to fool those fish.

For my session tomorrow I have prepared 2kg of party blend + 1kg of sweetcorn added to the mix, a slight confession, to this mix I have added 250grams of molasses sugar, this is a sugar that has that black syrup type colour & smell, I will update in my next blog with more details of my methods & baits used in my fishing trip

My 3kg Party blend with sweetcorn added
 Lets hope for some Carp tomorrow eh!

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