Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Outcome of using particles so far.....

The outcome is actually very good news, using particles for three sessions now & I am really surprised at the outcome, they are a superb fish attractor "when used correctly"
On the club venue I fish there is quite a healthy stock of bream which if you are targeting bream using particles as an attractor is superb!
For my own personal goal I'm currently targeting the carp on my club venue & at the moment using particles as an attractor seems to be drawing in the bream rather than the carp, the bream are also quite happily taking my 15mm hook baits, even bream of only one pound!!! but they were really on the feed"

As I say above, when they are used correctly, I mean this in the sense of using a little watercraft, feeding from very small amounts & building what go's in if the fish are responding or taking feeding very small amounts until "hopefully" the fish switch onto the feed, now my own gut feeling is I am not putting enough particles in to bring the carp onto the feed, what I mean is that if I put in a larger "initial" amount, hopefully the bream will have their fill of food & move on!

in my three session of using particles all I have been catching is bream using boilies when the intention was for carp!

I have also been having a little experiment with pva mesh, & I can honestly say for the type of fishing I do they are superb, they give a small target area of feed around the hook bait, very simple to use, what I will try to do is draw a diagram of the two rigs I use & try to show how I use pva mesh bags, these can have an amazing amount of  uses for many different species-never assume a method for one species wont work on others, its worth experimenting by up scaling or downscaling your terminal tackle!

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