Monday, 3 October 2011

Particles, 16mm Boilies & Bream, Bream, Bream - but i'm not complaining! even though i wanted Carp!

Superb, i decide to start using a bigger boilie to try to stop interest from Bream & what happens, i get even more bream totally switched on to the feed!!! The fact that this hasn't gone un-noticed by the anglers that actually want to be catching the Bream says quite a lot!
Really in all honesty it doesn't actually annoy me catching Bream instead of my intended quarry of Carp, hey it saves me having a blank session, which is also beneficial in the sense that at least the bait on my hook & free offerings are attracting fish & not exactly going to waste!

So i think i have found one of the "Beam" hot spots on one of my local club waters & really on my 3rd session i put in enough free offerings that i would have thought it would have fed the bream off & allowed the Carp to move in to the swim, as this didn't happen & there were no real signs of carp in the area over my last six fishing sessions i have come to the conclusion of moving onto pastures new, a different peg where i can find more signs of Carp!

Bream the carp anglers friend, hey! she saves us from a blank session, i had around thirty bream on my last session all around 1.5-2lb with the odd one around 4-5lb, the towel in the photo was wet!!!

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