Monday, 7 October 2013

My running ledger rig

Just a short post showing the running ledger rig I have used since I was about 14 years of age
Its an extremely simple rig to tie, I have caught lots of fish on this style of rig, I do have some variations on it but this is the basic setup
My simple running ledger rig

As you can see in the picture is very basic indeed:
  • Normal mono filament mainline
  • A large bore running ring with a Mustad snap-link attached (notice I put shrink tubing on the snap link)
  • A large rubber shock bead by Fox (Always like fox products for many years-good for the money)
  • A Fox brown buffer bead which slips over the size 7 Fox swivel
  • A Fox size seven swivel with a large bore ring, I like these for the extra freedom of movement they give to the hook link
Running ledger components, the ledger in the picture is for demonstration purposes only 
Just close-up of the large bore run ring & Mustad snap-link with shrink-tube 
Fox Brown buffer/shock bead pushed over the swivel

This has proved a nice tangle free rig over the years, its simple to make up, consists of very few components & most important I feel, only two knots.
1. To attached the mainline to the Fox size 7 swivel with large bore ring on the hook length end
2. The other knot is the hook length be it mono filament, fluorocarbon or braid to its own Fox size 7 swivel to which I clip on a Mustad snap-link.
I use snap-links on most of my ledger weights & hook lengths as it means I can vary my rig to the situation i.e. different lengths of hook length & different shape or weight of the ledger.
I also use this setup on still waters, lakes, ponds, reservoirs & canals, the only thing that changes is the size of the components, ledger weights, main line breaking strains. Indecently, the knot I tend to use to attach components on most of my rigs is the Palomar knot with a slight dab of super glue.
As I fish various venues I'll update what rigs I use.

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