Sunday, 31 August 2014

River carp in gusty conditions - i'm back on the bank a little more often

Well here we go again, I'm managing to get on the bank for some Angling, I really don't get to go as much as I'd like just due to working long hours as a lorry driver, really love my job just the lack of time to be angling gets annoying at times! Also prioritising a little time for myself to get out on the bank more often is starting to happen.
What I've been do of late is taking some basic fishing gear with me in my daily driver, so if I do finish work at a reasonable time say 3/4pm I nip to the shops get some food & drinks for myself then drive with some pace to my chosen venue & fish till dusk! This has proved a great way of winding down after work I'm sleeping better, feeling less sluggish & obviously more time on the bank improves upon my current skills, & keeps me in tune with my chosen venues that I fish, It doesn't matter to me what the weather is doing, any opportunity to be on the bank angling I'm there!
So I fished the River Avon below Evesham as I found a group of carp, 7 in all ranging from 11lbs (the one in the pics) to the biggest which absolutely dwarfs what I caught!
This is just a quick update which I will probably re-edit, I'll go through tackle/rigs in my next blog! This wont be a blog that stalls anymore......Tight Lines!!!

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