Thursday, 6 October 2016

Coventry Angler is coming back with a targets in mind, boilies, worms, pellets, bread allsorts

Well my last blog post didn't really come to the fruition it was meant too, all my angling intentions went "right out the window" life has smoothed out slightly and I can now put more time in on the banks of my local venues.

so here I sit waiting for an order of boilies, pellets, glugs, liquids and various other concoctions that I possibly wont use, the order is nearly 70kgs!!!! so it should last me a while! we as anglers all know the score, we want to try all new baits/methods but I hold my hands up, I tend to stick to slightly modified traditional methods!

my next venue I will be tackling will be a local club water I have never fished, its a small old sand/gravel pit, I am aiming for carp & larger tench and bream.

but as we are now in autumn! I will be making the trip up the mighty river seven to target the obvious "barbus barbus" & I hear the rumour that there are some enormous chub on the severn, probably getting big and fat on the free meals and pre-baiting meant for the barbell-I do like chub!!!

I have been spending some of my hard earned money on more adequate clothing for angling in the colder months, I tend to be a fair weather fisherman if I am honest, I used to fish a small local river every Friday evening without fail! but with work, changes in my shift times etc etc I just didn't have the time so I became a summer angler only for a few years but, the urge of dangling a line for big roach, chub, barbell, carp, perch has become something I really miss out of life, &its a good way of winding down from the b*%%£$^t at work!

 I have even bought a new fishing brolly/bivvy type thing & some polaroid glasses 

so, watch this space...I am coming back

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